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About Us

Ohio Mediation Services is a private arbitration/mediation provider in the area of civil litigation. For over 30 years Mr. Himmel has been active in the area of civil litigation. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants. His clients have included insurance companies, self-insured corporations and professionals and individuals. His vast area of practice has included personal injury, product liability, professional negligence, contract litigation, wrongful death, insurance coverage, business, medical and construction litigation.

Additionally, Mr. Himmel has served as an arbitrator and mediator in various capacities throughout his career. He has performed these services for Courts as well as private litigants. He has also served on arbitration panels for the insurance industry; being appointed by both plaintiffs, defendants, or as the third arbitrator.

Mr. Himmel is acutely aware of the high costs and risks of continuing litigation. He stays abreast of verdict trends, and works confidentially, diligently and carefully to craft a resolution to threatened or pending litigation that is fair and acceptable to all parties.