Equity Court Cases

Most people are unaware that there is a third leg to our court system. It is the equity court. Although this court is in the same courtroom as the civil and criminal courts, and presided over by the same judges as the civil and criminal court, the function of the equity court is quite different.
In equity court  the court is asked to force a person to do something. For example, if your business has had trade secrets or confidential information stolen, we would go to court and ask to have the property returned to you.
Again, in equity court we are not asking the court for money. Rather, we are asking the court to make your adversary, to start or stop doing something. It could be improper drilling, construction, or picketing.
An action in equity court is commenced with the filing of a temporary restraining order and injunction. I have been involved in many such proceeding and will be there to perform this service for you.

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