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Who is liable for injuries at an Airbnb rental?

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Personal Injury

As Ohio residents begin to travel more and hold reunions with friends and family they have not seen for a long time, they will most likely find themselves renting homes from interfaces such as Airbnb. Though it is a great way to vacation and cut back on costs, there are certain pitfalls that many guests do not take into account. Most importantly, how to deal with injuries incurred during the stay at an Airbnb rental.

Hotel v. Airbnb

When a guest is staying in a hotel, there is a certain guarantee that the hotel will provide the services it has promised and the amenities are accurately described on the website. Guests generally do not have to worry about the safety of the premises. If someone is injured in a hotel, one knows where to turn to recover compensation for the personal injury. Airbnbs on the other hand, offer no such guarantee. A rustic looking cabin may actually have uneven steps or shaky handrailings. Someone who gets injured on the Airbnb rental may not know who to approach for liability- the homeowner, the landlord to placed the residence on Airbnb, or Airbnb.

What are the injured victims options?

Airbnb does offer its hosts some liability insurance. Therefore, if the accident victim and the Airbnb host are unable to reach an agreement, Airbnb will cover the injuries up to a certain extent. However, it is possible that the compensation does not fully cover the harm incurred or that the claim is not covered under the policy. In those instances, homeowner’s insurance will most likely not kick in. This is because most policies explicitly exclude injuries incurred when someone rents their residence out for commercial purposes. Additionally, tenants are increasingly renting out properties. Consequently, renter’s insurance does not cover such injuries either.

Becoming injured on what was supposed to be a great vacation puts a damper on one’s plans. Not knowing how to cover the medical bills associated with one’s injury can put an unnecessary damper on one’s finances. It might be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney to understand how to get recovery for one’s personal injuries.