The Help You Need After An Accident

Did a careless act cause the death of your loved one?

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Wrongful Death

It is likely that when our readers in Ohio think of accidents that lead to the unexpected and sudden death of a loved one, they probably imagine such a situation occurring as the result of a motor vehicle collision. However, there are other situations that can lead to such a tragic result, such as workplace accidents, property accidents and even medical mistakes. If any of these circumstances arise, family members can be left feeling shocked as they grieve. And then, they will usually start to look for answers.

If a careless act caused the death of your loved one, you may have legal options. Negligence and recklessness are oftentimes the driving force behind tragic accidents. For example, each day in Ohio there are hundreds – or maybe even thousands – of people on the roadways who are either distracted or intoxicated while driving. If those careless drivers cause a deadly motor vehicle accident, a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver could lead to an award of financial compensation.

Medical mistakes are common in America as well. While we all expect the very best of care when we go to our healthcare providers, the reality is that medical malpractice happens with alarming frequency. If such mistakes or acts cause the death of a loved one, this is yet another situation in which a wrongful death lawsuit may be an option.

Holding carelessness to account

At our law firm, we understand the grief and despair that families experience after the sudden and unexpected death of loved ones. When negligence or recklessness is to blame, we do our best to help our clients explore their options. For more information, please visit the wrongful death overview section of our law firm’s website.