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Types of commercial truck accidents

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Commercial Truck Accidents

Any truck driver will tell you that operating a commercial truck is not always easy. Commercial trucks can be hard to maneuver due to their size and weight, particularly on local streets. That is why the Ohio Department of Transportation, along with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, require commercial truck drivers to a specific set of registration, licensing, and driving regulations.

Failure to meet these requirements can result in a serious accident. If a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, it is highly likely that those traveling in the passenger vehicle will suffer serious injury. Here are some of the most common types of commercial truck accidents.

  • Jackknife accidents – Many commercial trucks have two parts: the cab and the trailer. When the truck tries to slow down, it folds into itself, forming a 90-degree angle and causing the trailer to swing out to one side. Jackknife accidents may be caused by the driver’s failure to reduce their speed on a slippery road or failing to maintain adequate stopping distance between their truck and the cars in front of it.
  • Rollover accidents – When a truck driver suddenly changes direction, drives too fast on a curve, or fails to properly load the truck, the high center of gravity of the truck can cause it to lean too far and rollover.
  • Rear-end collisions – Many truck drivers fail to account for the additional stopping distance needed to stop a large truck and end up unable to stop in time to avoid striking the vehicles stopped in front of them. Due to the force of the impact, many rear-end collisions involving trucks end up being chain-reaction collisions involving multiple vehicles.
  • Head-on collisions – These are often the most deadly and dangerous type of truck accident. Driving while distracted or fatigued, driving in the wrong direction due to unfamiliarity with the roadway, and driving at an excessive rate of speed can all cause a head-on collision.
  • Tire blowouts- Tires on large commercial vehicles are more likely to blowout than the tires on smaller vehicles. Failure to properly inspect and maintain the truck or an overloaded trailer could be the cause of the blowout.

Legal help

If you have been injured in a commercial truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Filing a claim against the truck driver and trucking company to recover damages for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering may be in your best interest.