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Compensatory damages available in a wrongful death action

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one under any circumstances can be traumatic for a family. However, when a death happens due to negligence or through an accidental event like a motor vehicle accident, the death can feel particularly tragic due to the preventable nature of its occurrence. Ohio residents who lose loved ones in these unbearable ways may have rights to seek damages through wrongful death claims.

Compensatory damages are damages that cover the losses experienced by an aggrieved party. This post will discuss some of those damages that individuals may seek after the deaths of their relatives. Any questions that readers may have after reviewing this post can be taken to trusted personal injury lawyers for answers and support.

Earnings and services

One of the biggest forms of compensatory damages that an individual can seek after a wrongful death is for lost earnings from the decedent. For example, when the primary income earner of a family dies in an accident, the entire family is impacted by their loss of income. Similarly, the death of a caregiver may leave a family without anyone to provide supervision to children while the other parent works. To this end, losses related to earnings and services rendered by the victim can be compensated through damages.

Companionship and anguish

Another category of compensatory damages that may be sought after a wrongful death is for intangible losses. A person may seek damages for losing the companionship of their spouse, parent, or child. They may seek compensation for the mental anguish they suffer from the loss. A personal injury attorney can help a victim build a case for these and other damages.

Wrongful deaths are heartbreaking. The impact families and the lives of those who loved the victims. Damages may be available through litigation based on wrongful death claims.