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Ohio teacher dies in car accident

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Wrongful Death

A teacher who was working in a small town in Ohio died in a car accident as she was commuting in to work.

Authorities said that the accident happened before sunrise. Apparently, the driver of another passenger vehicle went left of center for an unspecified reason and struck the teacher’s vehicle, which was coming from the other direction.

The other driver, a young man, also died as a result of this fatal automobile accident.  The teacher had just recently lost her husband. The two leave behind their infant daughter.

Left of center accidents are avoidable

Some of the most serious accidents happen on two-lane roads where vehicles can still travel at a high speed.

It is surprisingly simple for a person going from one direction to move into the lane of oncoming traffic at the wrong time, causing a head-on collision or other serious accident.

Someone who is tired, on a cell phone or just distracted can easily drift into the wrong lane. In other cases, a driver may have not checked carefully before deciding to overtake and pass a slower vehicle.

Of course, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can make it very difficult for a motorist to stay in his or her lane.

Just because driving into the land of oncoming traffic is an easy mistake to make, people who do so should not simply be excused. Careful and alert drivers should easily stay in their own lanes.

Those who negligently cause a tragic accident by making the wrong decision, even for just a second, should pay compensation to their victims. In this case, the family of the teacher who died may have to pursue a legal claim against the other driver’s estate.