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How can I avoid aggressive drivers?

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road rage and aggressive drivers are a problem. There is no two-ways about it. But, there are things that we can do that will, hopefully, help us avoid aggressive drivers and their road rage.

The problem is not that bad, right?

It is a huge problem. According to a AAA Foundation study, they found that aggressive driving contributed to about 56% of fatal crashes. In another study, AAA analyzed over 10,000 road rage incidents over a seven-year period across the United States, including Ohio. AAA found that road rage incidents caused over 200 murders and nearly 13,000 injuries. That study also looked at what the road ragers believed caused their rage, which is our focus today.

Rude and obscene gestures

It may seem petty, and it is not a justifiable reason, but many road ragers stated that a rude or obscene gesture set them off. Even something harmless, like shaking one’s head, could be enough. The best advice: drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and do not engage. Do not make rude motions, yell out the window, make obscene hand gestures, etc. Indeed, even prolonged eye contact can be a trigger.

Do not play their dangerous game

A fight cannot occur with only one fighter. It takes two. Do not engage in their dangerous game. Everyone can relate to the anger that simmers when someone cuts us off, is dangerously speeding or is driving slow in the passing lane. Instead of trying to win or prove a point, just slow down and breath. Whatever they are doing and however much anger is there, is not worth anyone’s life.

Give aggressive drivers room

Often, an aggressive drivers point to a “snap” moment when they blow up and commit an act of road rage. Other drivers cannot know what will cause that moment, so give them room. Put as much distance as possible between aggressive drivers, even if it means taking an earlier exit or an alternative route.

Cautious and courteous

Of course, even the most cautious and courteous Akron, Ohio, driver cannot guarantee that they will never encounter road rage. Sometimes, it just happens, but by taking these small steps, we can make those incidents much less likely to occur.