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Slips-and-falls can ruin a victim’s life

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

No one should ever think that a slip-and-fall accident is a minor affair. While thankfully many falls do end with a person feeling a little sore and embarrassed, too many others end with a person suffering a life-altering injury.

For example, next to motor vehicle accidents, falls are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries. They account for over 25%, or 1 out of 4, of all spinal cord injuries. Among those over 45, falls are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

As most Ohioans probably know, spinal cord injuries can ruin a person’s life. Many of these injuries will leave a person completely paralyzed to some degree. In the most serious cases, a person will not be able to move his or her body below the neck.

Even if a victim is spared paralysis, the vast majority of spinal cord injuries do end with some sort of life-long mobility impairment.

Any spinal cord injury is costly in terms of medical and other treatment and rehabilitation. The injury could also leave a person unable to work and will likely take a substantial emotional toll on a victim and his or her family.

Falls, including falls down a flight of stairs or from a height, are also frequently the cause of moderate or severe brain injuries. Like spinal cord injuries, these can also leave a victim disabled and in need of constant care.

Falls can cause other serious injuries as well, including major bone fractures, herniated discs and soft tissue injuries.

Property owners in the Akron area have an obligation to prevent falls

Businesses and private homeowners in the Akron area have an obligation to take steps to prevent falls on their properties.

For example, businesses need to be sure that staircases, escalators and hallways have proper lighting. They also need to be sure public walkways are free of water or, during the winter, snow and ice.

If an Ohio resident suffers from serious injuries in a fall, he or she may have the legal right to ask for compensation from the responsible party.