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Akron will install numerous speed tables around the city

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

On city streets with a relatively high speed limit, it is very tempting for drivers to speed along. Sadly, that often leads to dire consequences. The situation with speeding drivers and accidents has been a serious issue for a long time and the city of Akron has finally decided to do something about it.

Akron has a plan to begin installing a total of 28 speed tables (speed tables differ from speed bumps) in residential sections of the city. The design of a speed table is different in that its ends are tapered and the top of the speed table is flat so that the car’s wheels are positioned correctly. The speed tables will be bolted and glued to the road surface.

Drivers will be sufficiently alerted to the speed tables

The plan is that signs will appear on the roads before the speed tables so that the driver slows down to a safe distance before they come upon the speed table. The plan is to have the speed tables in place until the winter, at which time they will be removed.

Akron officials are expecting a 23% reduction in speeding drivers, which will affect 67 to 90% of the traffic on the road. The city submitted a survey to the Akron residents before making the final decision to install speed tables. The results of the survey were that a large percentage of people were in favor of installing the speed tables.

Solid support from a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer

Many drivers just will not slow down when driving on city streets. That can prove to have terrible consequences in a busy city like Akron, especially during rush hour. If you have been the victim of a speeding driver, the expertise of a personal injury lawyer may be just what you need.

Accidents occur often on Ohio streets and you will want to seek legal support from a person who can support you, ensure that you understand your rights and how to protect them, and who will stand beside you throughout the process for a hopefully positive, fair outcome.